About us

The Barnsley Walking Group was established in 2009 as a sub-group of the Sheffield 20s and 30s Walking Group and for various political reasons transferred to the Barnsley & Penistone Ramblers in February 2010. This allowed the group more freedom to act independently and to ensure our walks and other events were able to be more focused around the Barnsley area with a more relaxed and flexible approach to our running.

Our group is relatively small (although we do manage to get around 30 at the Christmas bash!). It allows us to be much less formal than most groups. We don't have a committee, just one representative that reports to out parent group now and again to make sure we are covered under the Ramblers banner. Everything else is down to individuals taking on various aspects of the group running. Walks and socials are uploaded on an adhoc basis - depending when someone volunteer's their time. Nobody is fully trained so don't expect a formal talk at the start of a walk, or expect everything to go smoothly - it's all part of the fun and much more like going out with a bunch of friends rather than an organised group.

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