Get Involved

As a small (but perfectly formed!) group, we are always looking for more people to get involved in organising walks and socials, to broaden our events calendar and share the burden. 

You don’t need to have any special skills or previous experience –just think about some of the events that you’ve undertaken in the past, or walks that you’re familiar with, have a look at tips below and send us your ideas ….

If you want to talk through an idea before you submit it or want help with planning out some of the details, please let us know and we’ll get in touch.  Equally if you want to help out but are lacking in inspiration, please contact us, as we’ve always got details of walks and socials that people could offer!  
If you want to build a bit more confidence before you organise an event on your own, we can make sure someone with some previous experience comes along to give you some moral support on the day.  You can also pair up with someone else and jointly organise an event.

Do you want to lead / organize a walk?

Walks have tended to focus mainly around the Barnsley and Penistone area but we do also go further afield for example over into the Dark Peak and up to Doncaster.   We’ve had both urban and rural walks in the past, from flat to almost mountainous!  

Weekend walks tend to be between about 5 miles and 12 miles in length, while evening walks are generally 2 - 7 miles, depending on daylight!  Circular routes tend to be most popular, as many of the group are car drivers, although we do sometimes offer linear walks where there is good public transport.  Walks with an end point near a pub or café are great, as it gives people chance to stop for a chat and a drink (or two!) afterwards, but this isn’t a requirement!

If you are thinking about leading a walk for the first time, it can help if it’s a walk that you’re already familiar with – pick a route that you know well or go and try out the route in advance.  If you want someone to come along with you please just let us know.

For the walk start, it’s good to think of a place with parking that’s easily located.  If you can offer a walk where the meeting point is on a good public transport route that’s a bonus!  You can normally work on people walking at a pace of 2 miles an hour when you’re working out how long a walk will take and what time to start.  Once you decide on where to walk drop us a line and we’ll let you know available dates and what information we need in order to put the walk online.

Do you want to organize a social?

All sorts of events can be considered as socials.  In the past we’ve been to Go Ape, had cinema trips, pub crawls, bonfire events, seaside trips, ceilidhs and comedy events, as well as organised weekends away….When you’re thinking about a social event that you might want to run have a think about how many people you need to run the event and how popular it’s likely to be.

The more popular events in the past have tended to be those that are local (within about 45 mins travelling time) and less costly (under around £20 for a single event, as a guideline).  We normally try and give at least three weeks notice of an event, but if it’s an event that’s further afield or which is more costly, it’s useful for this to be longer.  

You don’t need to worry about laying out money in advance for an event - people normally collect money in before making payment, but this can also be administered through the group.

People often use their own contact details for people to book onto an event, but you can use the group’s contact details if you prefer.   

There’s no formal process to follow - just send through your planned event to us at the group email address and we’ll arrange for it to be publicised on the website.