Walking With Us

Wentworth Castle

Once you have decided on a walk that takes your fancy, all you have to do is turn up. You do not have to book on, although a simple text saying you're coming does help the walk leader to judge numbers - but if you change your mind please let the leader know in case they are waiting for you. 

All walks have a grid reference for the start of the walk. Please aim to get to the walk start 15 minutes or so before the advertised time to give you time to find the location and put your boots on, we do aim to start promptly. If it is a public transport walk the walk leader will wait for the given bus/train - so don't panic! 

There are several advantages in walking in a group rather than as an individual. We feel that the main bonus is a chance to meet a new people in a more relaxed atmosphere out in the open countryside.  But if you are not particularly confident with a map, or unfamiliar with the area, or just aren’t motivated to plan a route, what better than somebody else to guide you? We provide opportunity to visit areas that you may not necessarily have thought of going to before. 
Note that the weather can be rapidly changeable on high ground, so there is almost always a risk of poor weather on walks in the Peaks or other hilly areas. Please ask the walk leader for advice on what clothing and provisions would be suitable for the walk, if you have any doubts.

We don’t expect you to own lots of “walking gear”, but would recommend that you don't wear jeans: If it rains, they get cold and heavy and don't dry quickly. Similarly trainers are generally unsuitable: they provide no ankle support over rocky terrain; will not keep your feet dry; and you’re likely to lose them in the mud!

What to Bring 

Snacks (orKettlewell a packed lunch if the walk takes places over lunchtime) and plenty to drink

  • sturdy waterproof boots that support your ankles to help you over rough ground and muddy conditions.

  • Be prepared for the British weather with waterproofs.

  • Wear suitable quick drying clothing.

    Hat & gloves are advisable in poor weather (or sun cream if the sun decides to shine).

  • rucksac,blister plasters (and\or first aid kit)

What to expect on one of our walks

The walk leader wilWin Hilll generally meet you and the rest of the group at the Walk start location at the given time. There is usually a small introduction briefly describing the route. If you have any concerns please highlight it to the walk leader at this point. Most walks will have a very short break every hour or so for a quick snack or tea/coffee (bring your own!) and usually no more than 5 minutes. On some walks there will be a lunch stop, so please bring some food with you if stated in the walk description.  If you feel the pace is too fast on a walk, or not enough breaks, don't be afraid to approach the walk leader, they are not always aware if you are having difficulty.  

A Loo with a View

"Apple Day" near Hope

In terms of toilet stops, well it's very unusual to find a
public toilet on a w
alk. Expect to use the great outdoors…
If you need to go just let the walk leader know or
someone ne
ar the back to pass the message on and
find a discreet spot. They will wait for you a short way

How Long Will a Walk Take?

As for getting back, Crossing Reeth swing bridgewe usually walk 2 to 2.5 miles per hour in a group, depending on terrain. As a rough worst-case calculation it will be the walk mileage divided by two,plus any breaks. E.g. an 8-mile walk should take 4 hours, plus any breaks say half an hour, gives 4.5hrs. So a 10am start should be done at2.30pm. Of course, the pace may be quicker depending on walk leader andthe distance that needs covering – if it is a faster paced walk we willnote this in the event details. At the end of the walk we will often call into a pub for refreshments, but you are free to head home if you wish.